About Me

I am an information security researcher currently enrolled as a PhD student in the Computer Science Graduate School (CUGS) in Linköping University, Sweden. I have worked with research topics related to mobile, wearable and IoT security, and I am currently focused on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) security.

Recent Activity

12/5/2018 to 12/7/2018: Attended Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC) to present my paper entitled "Mitigating Position Falsification Attacks in Vehicular Platooning" in Taipei, Taiwan
11/22/2018: Attended Workshop on Wireless Vehicular Communications (WWVC) in Halmstad, Sweden
10/28/2018 to 11/02/2018: Attended MSWIM to present my paper entitled "Vouch: A Secure Proof-of-Location Scheme for VANETs" in Montreal, Canada
6/11/2018 to 6/15/2018: Attended Cysep/Swits in Stockholm/Sweden
2/8/2018: Awarded grade A in the master's thesis defense from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil
11/27/2017 to 11/29/2017: Presented work in the IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC) in Torino/Italy
6/26/2017 to 6/30/2017: Attended the International Summer School on Latency Control for Internet of Services in Karlstad/Sweden
6/12/2017 to 6/15/2017: Presented a poster at IFIP Networking in Stockholm/Sweden
4/26/2017 to 4/27/2017: Attended the ELLIIT workshop in Lund/Sweden


Peer-reviewed articles in journals, books, conferences and workshops

F. Boeira, M. Asplund, and M. P. Barcellos, "Mitigating Position Falsification Attacks in Vehicular Platooning," in Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC), IEEE, 2018.
F. Boeira, M. Asplund, and M. P. Barcellos, "Vouch: A Secure Proof-of-Location Scheme for VANETs," In Proceedings of the 21st ACM International Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems (MSWIM '18). ACM, 241-248.
doi: 10.1145/3242102.3242125
F. Boeira, M. P. Barcellos, E. P. de Freitas, A. Vinel and M. Asplund, "Effects of colluding Sybil nodes in message falsification attacks for vehicular platooning," 2017 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC), Torino, 2017, pp. 53-60. doi: 10.1109/VNC.2017.8275641
F. Boeira, M. P. Barcellos, E. P. de Freitas, A. Vinel and M. Asplund, "On the impact of sybil attacks in cooperative driving scenarios," 2017 IFIP Networking Conference (IFIP Networking) and Workshops, Stockholm, 2017, pp. 1-2. doi: 10.23919/IFIPNetworking.2017.8264890

T. Rocha, E. Souto, B. Cássio, D. Azulay, A. Monteiro, F. Boeira, P. Minatel and B. Silva, "Data leakage detection in Tizen Web applications," 2016 14th Annual Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST), Auckland, 2016, pp. 608-614. doi: 10.1109/PST.2016.7906994

Talks in conferences

10/22/2016: Android Resiliency Defense Strategy, Hackers to Hackers Conference (H2HC), São Paulo
10/6/2016: IoT Security Risks, The Developer's Conference Porto Alegre
11/25/2014: Yet Another Android Security Feature, Blackhat São Paulo


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